Melissa Schwarz

Interdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher.


Post Wilderness
Multimedia Installation; Video, Resin Sculptures 2021
'Post Wilderness' is an installation which is an exploration of and a meditation on a postindustrial landscape which is located in Lusatia, Germany. This postindustrial landscape follows large scale destruction of the biosphere which was the result of brown coal extraction that started in 1789 and is partly still ongoing. What can Lusatia teach us about the places we live in? It serves as a laboratory to understand our concepts of nature and future potentialities in a reality which will forever be haunted by extraction, meditating on what it means to let go of our ‘phantom nostalgia’ for the past in order to be able to imagine a future.


What are men to rocks and mountains,
P-OST Nijmegen, The Netherlands, July-October 2022

Visceral Realities, LCC MA IDC Final Show, London, UK , December 2021


Next Nature Network
Next Generation, August 2022